Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The MSR Hubba Hubba Tent - legendary innovation, quality and service

At CCOutdoorStore.com, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best gear with a good price and fast and friendly service. But what makes gear good, much less "the best"? We think it's about innovation, yes, but just as important is long-term durability and a strong product quality program.

Enter the MSR Hubba Hubba tent from Cascade Designs. This tent boasted the latest innovation in lightweight tent design a few years back. And in what we consider to be a great move, they actually DIDN'T change it just for the sake of change!

The Hubba Hubba's Innovation:
Ushering in camping and backpacking innovation in 2007, the MSR® Hubba™ 1-person and MSR® Hubba Hubba™ 2-person tents were introduced with a one-pole hub and swivel design to deliver the perfect combination of light weight and livability. This great design was simple and easy to set up, but revolutionary in delivering interior space without a lot of extra weight and gizmos. That alone went a long way to making the MSR Hubba Hubba a highly sought-after backpacking and camping tent. And the innovation still holds strong today... the MSR Hubba Hubba still one of the best-selling ultralight tents in the world.

Other features like the two doors and two large vestibule areas make the Hubba Hubba a great backpacking or small camping tent for any adventure. Two people and their gear can move around pretty comfortably, and only carry 4 pounds, 3 oz to the campsite. With its virtually total screen body, you can use the MSR Hubba Hubba without the fly for those great nights when you just want to sleep under the stars but WITHOUT the bugs!

MSR Hubba Hubba Quality:

Cascade Designs - parent company to MSR products - backs all of its products with a lifetime guarantee. And they don't split hairs with you about what that means.

We recently had a customer who had his Hubba Hubba tent for over a year and broke his poles. He was very apologetic because the break was not due to normal wear and tear, but rather was caused from from external and undue pressure on the poles. He wanted to pay for a new set. Now we knew about Cascade Designs' fantastic lifetime warranty on all their MSR tents, stoves, and snowshoes, but figured this was a borderline case. After speaking with Cascade Designs, we discovered they would replace the Hubba Hubba tent poles for free. Great!

And a few months back a customer who had her Hubba Hubba tent for more than 5 years and used it well (and quite often) poked a hole in her fly. You guessed it, Cascade Designs was willing to fix free of charge. Unbelievable!

Now we're pretty sure there's a bunch of legal jargon that says that Cascade Designs does not have to replace anything and everything on an MSR Hubba Hubba tent whether it's due to abuse or normal wear and tear or not - but in practice, these guys do what's right... and even go above and beyond. They've even got a great repair program that saves the landfills and extends the life perfectly good equipment for many many years.

In our experience, when it comes to MSR and the Hubba Hubba Tent we're not talking about a lot of product quality issues - this backpacking workhorse is build to last right out of the box.

So a big shout out to Cascade Designs/MSR for making such a fantastic lightweight tent for backpacking, but most of all for standing by it with their lifetime warranty and general customer-friendly approach to each and every product.

Check out the MSR Hubba Hubba Tent at CCOutdoorStore.com today.

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  1. Have any Hubba owners out there had the misfortune/serendipity of having the pole swivel break? Mine sheared in two a few years ago, and I discovered it made the tent exactly 0% less useful. A little duct tape covered up the rough edges, and I've spent dozens of nights in it since then. Frankly, as gangly as the multipole is, I think that setup's easier with the pole in two pieces, and if you miss the extra .2" of headroom and *slightly* less tautness in the doors, 10" of cord makes things whole again lickety split. Any thoughts?