Friday, January 7, 2011

Koolaburra SALE!

Koolaburra Boots. Synonymous with Sheepskin. Whether you're looking for head turning fashion or comfy, cozy footwear, Koolaburra Sheepskin boots offer you the finest quality double faced Merino sheepskin footwear. And now they're on SALE at 10% OFF Retail. original Australian designer and manufacturer of sheepskin boots were making what Australians called "uggs" before there was a U.S. company that trademarked the name. These are not the same as what many retailers are selling, i.e. fake sheepskin boots made with cowhide glue to synthetic or natural fleece.

The end of the season is nearing so some boots are only available in limited quantities, colors, and sizes. So don't delay, order today.

Bookmark this page as we'll be writing soon about many of the great new products we discovered at last week's Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. We also hope to start making specials available to our blog readers...maybe you'll even get a chance to score a deal on upcoming Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice winners!

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