Monday, May 16, 2011

Women of the Woods Need to Check out Deuter’s SL Packs!

I love to hike! I mean, I really love to hike! Being in the woods is probably the place that I am the happiest. What has made this experience even happier for me is my Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL. This pack is fantastic for a few days hut to hut as well as a great day pack for someone like me who is usually carrying snacks, layers, and stuffed animals for my two young children! I joke that I take this pack out to dinner since I love it so much!

Part of what works so well is that this is a women's backpack. What makes a woman's pack? Well for one, the SL design from Deuter has a slightly shorter back. Many women (not all, of course) have a slightly shorter back then men. Another advantage for women that these SL packs have is their shoulder straps are cut in a way to help prevent squishing your chest! That is definitely more comfortable!

The SL series packs include ACT Trail, Spectro, Futura, and the award winning ACT Zero. Along with women, men who have a shorter back can benefit from these packs as well. Many of these packs are hydration compatible, include a padded hipbelt, and have convenient compartments for easy access and organization.

So, ladies, get out into the woods. Take along a pack that is made with YOU in mind – a Deuter SL series. You will find that your pack can be one of your best hiking partners yet!

Note: Periodically we have our staffers blog with real-life posts such as this written by our resident Long Trail thru hiker who is also a Himalayan trekker. We hope this adds perspective and provides helpful gear recommendations for our readers.

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