Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Backpacking Boots Trade-in Time

So yesterday a member of the Stowe Mountain Rescue team came in to our store looking for a new pair of backpacking boots to replace his old ones. He is someone who puts in a lot of trail miles, often with heavy loads. He paid the highest tribute to the investment he made years ago in his high quality backpacking boots...he refuses to stop wearing them even though the sole has been falling off for almost two years!

Midsummer is often the time of year many people realize the same thing after a few trips on the trail...it's time to replace my old hiking boots. Reluctant to spend the money when one's old boots can still be put on, you may fit this category. Remember our customer...more money spent wisely now leads to years of comfortable performance. Cost tends to equal quality: better leather, more durable soles, bombproof hardware, etc. If you buy the right boots now, you won't be sorry in 5 years that you spent a few extra dollars today.

We're proud to carry three top-notch backpacking boot brands: Zamberlan, Lowa, and Vasque. And with our new member promotion there's no better time than the present to find the boots that are right for your feet. Take a look and we'll help you get fit in just the right boots and you'll save 20%.

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