Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Light & Motion SoLite 150 Delivers.

The SoLite 150 by Light & Motion is just what I needed now that the days are getting shorter. As much as I love my 75 lumen headlamp, I needed to find a light that could deliver more over a greater distance for my Wednesday night mountain bike rides in Vermont's Stowe Town loops. With easy-to-use helmet and handlebar attachment accessories The SoLite 150 puts 150 lumens of light on descents where you need to see out farther ahead. And with tiny yellow side lights the SoLite 150 even gives you decent peripheral vision. With a USB compatible rechargeable battery included you get a lighter package than you'd get with a heavy set of AA batteries...and you'll save money over the long run. While maximum output only lasts 3 hours, this is plenty for an early morning or end of day workout.

Suffice it to say I'm a fan of the SoLite 150. But if I didn't deliver enough specs for you about Light & Motion's SoLite headlamp / light system, you should read the review on The Adventure Blog. And if 150 lumens isn't enough for you and money's no object, check out Light & Motion's Sella 300.

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