Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter is Coming!

Old Man Winter stirred this past Sunday and we're getting ready for him. This winter added Bollé Goggles to our selection. We didn't just chose Bollé for their great reputation; we sought them out so we could boast one of the largest selections of photochromatic ski goggles. Photochromatic is the industry term to lenses that adjust to variable light conditions. On the shelf in our new store the Bollé goggles look great and get lots of attention with exciting styling and colors.

We'll also have a larger selection of ski backpacks this year. Just in our system today is the new Osprey Karve Ski backpack which comes in a 6 Liter, 11 Liter, and 16 Liter sizes. These packs come in three colors: Whiteout, Double Black, and Redline...sure to draw some attention on the slopes. Whether you're ski lift served terrain or out in the backcountry these packs are a must for hydration, snacks, and extra layers.

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