Saturday, January 21, 2012

Z What? Z3.

The Zeal Z3 ski goggle  further blurs the line between life and the video game.  By far Zeal's Z3 is the coolest toy in our store.  The Z3 ski goggle combines state-of-the-art military Recon GPS technology with Zeal's high quality photochromatic optics.   You read correctly...GPS.  Speed.  Altitude. Distance. There in your goggle's view finder with the touch of a button.

You've probably read the great reviews of Zeal's goggle optics over the years...but if you've actually tried on a pair of Z3 you are one of the few.  These came to market late in 2011 without the same hype and fanfare as their big brothers the Zeal Transcend goggles.  If you want a taste of Zeal's cutting edge, innovative style check out their Mission Impossible like Z3 Goggle YouTube release.  If you just want the plain vanilla overview of features check out the Z3 page on our site

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