Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nemo delays: In the wake of disaster

Almost six months ago I took some photos of 2012 Nemo Tents for our blog; that was a few days before Irene. One of the great insights I've gotten from living through a natural disaster is that the recovery far outlasts the media coverage. Best guesses around Waterbury now seem to suggest that it will be 2013 --if ever--before most of the 1500 + Vermont State Employees return to the Waterbury Office Complex. While our store sits a good bit higher than the Winooski River on the other side of the railroad tracks and wasn't flooded, 2012's natural disasters continue to impact our work.

For example, we're still waiting to fill orders of the Nemo Gogo Elite tent. It turns out the fabric used by Nemo comes from a Toyota factory in Japan where they're still behind on orders in the wake of last spring's tsunami. These fabric delays lead to a whole slew of 2012 Nemo tent delays where we're not expecting to see exciting new product until the middle of May. Let's all hope we come out stronger from undergoing 2012's adversity.

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