Saturday, April 14, 2012

Treksta Evolution Reviewed

In just the last two weeks we've had folks travel to our store specifically in search of Treksta Evolution shoes--one from as far away as Maine--so I wondered if there's been a recent review or some news since the Treksta Evolution Mid won Backpacker's Editor's Choice Award in 2011.  Honestly I didn't find much and almost none of it recent, but here's what some of our competitors are saying:
"From wet treks to rock cumbersome runs, the Evolution GTX will elevate your outdoor experience. The NestFIT system cradles your feet, accounting for every contour...."
"We think the US Postal service should make the Treksta Evolution GTX Mid their official shoe. Rain, sleet, and ice...."

Of course who knows if the folks writing this stuff EVER even looked upon the Treksta Evolution much less wore or tested a pair.  So since I'm on my second pair and have never actually written a true "review" of the Treksta Evolution here goes.

First, NestFIT IS comfortable and does cradle your foot.  We like to say they are "anatomically correct" and not symmetrical which is more aesthetically pleasing.  Wide in the forefront with a very supportive arch and heel cup, they fit most feet well (although odd shaped feet have found different elements uncomfortable.)  After two runs in these, I permanently retired my street runners; but they are much heavier which is fine for me since I'm running to get in shape not race. 

Second, the Treksta GTX (with Gore-Tex) and IceLock handle adverse conditions well.  I picked up my second pair this winter for running in the snow and ice and found that they kept my feet warm and dry, but I know they'll be too hot for my sweaty feet as we get closer to summer. 

On the issue of traction, I've repeatedly tested the IceLock on sheet ice expecting immediate braking from the silicone impregnated sole lugs.  They certainly grip well, but they're not that effective.  Better yet despite daily use most of this icy winter I never fell like I did on several occasions in my heavy lugged hiking shoes & boots. 

Finally while these are designed as multi-purpose trail runners and have been great for me on my dirt road and woods runs, they have replaced my tennis shoes as I'm finding they give superior traction on lateral cuts on the court. 

If you want to try a pair, now is the time.  Trekstas are in stock and just went on sale through 4/23/2012!  As for myself, I really like the look of the new black & red version pictured above and may just buy my third pair if it's available in a non-GTX version. 

In the interests of full-disclosure I should note that my first pair was a sales sample...and the second pair I bought with an employee discount.

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