Monday, July 8, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The April showers I was okay with. May and June's I tried to brush off, but now we're in July, and it seems to rain everyday. Yes, we are in a state of lustrous Green Mountain beauty, but the saturated ground is slowing to absorb excess water; trails are muddy; roads are being damaged ubiquitously. How much more can we take?

Vermont Department of Transportation and the 511 Travel Info Hotline have put together a live map that details road closures of which they're aware. It can be accessed here.

If you hear thunder on the trail, immediately head away from mountain peaks and for shelter. On Hunger Mountain last week, I was hiking with a friend -- ignoring the thunder -- and then lightning struck right next to us. We were lucky to not have been struck, and we learned a valuable lesson -- show much respect to the forces of nature.

I heard that a few days ago two and three quarters inches of rain fell in a period of just two hours. That's ridiculous.

Maybe the best thing to come out of all of this rain: 
some really pretty rainbows.   

Anyways, be safe, plan ahead and see you at CC.

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