Friday, September 6, 2013

New Zamberlan Styles for Fall 2013

We expect Zamberlan to formally announce its NEW Trail Hiking Boot Styles any day now.  Following in the footsteps of Zamberlan's Spring release of the award-winning 230 Crosser GTX, the Trail Hiking Boot Collection captures the cutting edge of Zamberlan's manufacturing innovation and their legendary comfort.  What's new is that Zamberlan is leveraging its need to expand production with an attempt to lower costs and make their great boots available to more hikers and backpackers.  They've achieved this with the 230 Crosser which is the first of Zamberlan's new boots to come out of a Chinese factory. 

While we still feel like it's a bit of gamble to trust this tried and true Italian brand with an overseas supply chain, we have only heard high praise from 230 Crosser customers to date.  To be sure there have been issues managing production and delivery timetables--especially once the Crosser won Backpacker's coveted Editor's Choice Award last March.  Hopefully this initial production run has given Zamberlan the opportunity to iron out the bugs and keep churning out more awesome boots. 

We've just added the new Trail Hiking boots to our Zamberlan boots site and encourage you to check of these new styles yourself.  Combining Zamberlan quality leathers, Vibram soles, and Gore-tex, consumers benefit from high quality materials, Zamberlan's trademark designs and a lower cost of production.  We predict the new Arch, Cairn, Ridge and Vista boots at $120-$160 will be a huge hit with beginning and casual hikers...a new demographic for Zamberlan.  So if you're trying Zamberlan out for the first time, this gives you a chance to "discover the difference" without taking out a home equity loan for a $500 pair of fine Norwegian welted boots. 

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