Thursday, July 9, 2015

Big Agnes Traditional Sleeping Bags VS Sleep Systems

Big Agnes on sale thru July 15th. 

Big Agnes provides luxurious yet lightweight sleeping gear that meets a variety of needs and preferences. Here's the lowdown on Big Agnes' traditional sleeping bags and their complete sleep systems.

Big Agnes Traditional Sleeping Bags: 

Big Agnes Spike Lake 14
If you lay down, drift off quickly, and are out like a light -- and you like to pack light too -- the traditional sleeping bags are for you. A streamline taper saves unnecessary bulk/weight, making bags like the Spike Lake 14, Mirror Lake 22, and Lost Lake SL 30 perfect for minimalist backpackers. Big Agnes introduces modern tech to this throwback style by filling their down-filled bags with Downtek -- new technology that allows down insulation to retain heat when wet. The traditional bags filled with synthetic insulation feature breathable Pinneco insulation and Insotect technology, which reduces bunching and promotes an easy, even flow of heat.

Big Agnes Sleep Systems:

Summit Park 15

Big Agnes Sleep Systems are more catered to me, because from time to time, I'll wake up in the middle of the night lying next to my sleeping pad, not atop. I also value a little extra space in my bag too, since I'm 6' 3". Thankfully, Big Agnes figured out a way to fix these common issues. Bags like the Buffalo Park 40, Gunn Creek 30, or Summit Park 15, feature an integrated sleeve for sliding in a sleeping pad. Combining the two ensures a night on top of a sleeping pad, rather than a night lying beside one.

A sound night's rest is the best way towards the strength and mental clarity required for traveling or an endurance trip. Certain things that can affect a doze lie beyond our control -- noise, wind, getting bumped -- but there are rest-ruining culprits out there which one can now defend against. Thanks to Big Agnes, being cold, wet, or constantly rolling off a sleeping pad are fears we can now... put to rest...

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