Friday, January 8, 2010

Crescent Moon Snowshoes - it doesn't get any better than this...

Craig from the Crescent Moon team visited us in Vermont yesterday and reminded us how much we LOVE these snowshoes! The flexible polymer gripped like they were designed just for our boots, and the TIG welded frames were clearly ready for anything we were gonna throw at 'em. We could work the Single-Pull-Loop (SPL) binding even with bulky gloves (no wonder they got accolades for "best binding" from Backpacker Magazine's 2009 Fall/Winter gear guide). The teardrop shape meant we could have a nice quiet - not clanking - romp in the snow. We could even imagine - gasp - running in these snowshoes! (check out the Crescent Moon Gold 12 fitness/running snowshoes designed exactly for that.) The Gold series has a lifetime guarantee, and no wonder since they are so well designed.

To top it all off, Crescent Moon snowshoes are actually made in America using eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 100% wind-power even.

So if you've got those big boats with rigid plastic bindings that clank around whenever you take a step, take a look at Crescent Moon Snowshoes. We did, and we're not lookin' back.

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