Thursday, January 14, 2010

Momentum watches by St. Moritz - need we say more?

Momentum Watches by St. Moritz Watch Corporation. Rugged AND stylish. standard 2-year warranty on every watch. Fantastic customer reviews. Need we say more?? Okay, we will...

While the movements in St Moritz/Momentum watches come either from Switzerland or Japan, they source components for our watches from all over the world. It is not unusual to find a St Moritz/Momentum model using a Swiss movement, a Japanese steel case and a deluxe band from Italy. The goal at St. Moritz is always to provide the best quality and value, sourcing each part that goes into their watches directly from its place of origin.

St. Moritz spends extra time on the smallest details, and at we agree that each of their watches are truly “a little out of the ordinary." If you buy a St. Moritz/Momentum watch, we are confident you will never regret it.

Check out the St. Moritz/Momentum selection at!

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