Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zamberlan - THE hiking/backpacking boots to buy this year

Well, folks, it just may be that Zamberlan is THE company to watch – and the boots to buy – this year. Certainly for many years Zamberlan has had a loyal following of people who appreciate quality workmanship and fine Italian leather in their hiking and backpacking boots, but in the past few years the company has gotten a large share of media attention.

In 2009, Backpacker magazine gave Zamberlan’s Lhasa GT RR hiking/backpacking boot a "best all around" rating, noting the Lhasa’s comfort and durability. And this year, Backpacker magazine’s coveted Editor’s Choice GOLD award was given to the Zamberlan 760 Steep hiking/backpacking boots. (Not to mention a great photo on the issue's cover! Check out their video review here). The 760 Steep is certainly a sight to behold. The beautiful red Nubuk leather upper looks great and feels soft. The vibram star Trek Sole package is extremely durable. Of course the boot is waterproof, sporting a GoreTex lining. And as for comfort, well, just listen to what Backpacker Magazine had to say about the 760 Steep in its April 2010 Editor’s Choice GOLD review: "Tackle the biggest terrain - under the heaviest loads - in this uncommonly comfortable boot. Got a big tripped planned? Spend a little extra on this boot. Your feet will thank us later”

A sister boot to the 760 Steep is Zamberlan’s 540 Rise, almost exactly the same but a bit lighter. The 540 Rise uses the same sole package and goretex lining as the Steep, but is also has some Cordura in the upper, helping to reduce the weight. The 540 rise is a little more subdued in its look – as it is more grey in color than red. Since the 760 Steep has limited availability for women in the United States, the 540 Rise for women is our recommendation for women hiker/backpackers. It comes in a great looking Kariboe/Dove color.

And let’s not forget Zamberlan’s 308 Trekker. Widely available for both men and women, the308 Trekker also got an Editor’s Choice award for comfort (to use their words: "Leather Lined Luxury") and durability in Backpacker magazine’s April 2010 issue. Here in Vermont, almost every customer whose put these boots on in our store has walked out with them.

At, we love working with the folks at Zamberlan. And we love that these boots are still made in Italy in the way fine quality leather boots have been made for centuries. Some things should never change.

So do you see what we mean? Zamberlan is the hiking boot company to watch. And if you have to only buy one pair this year, Zamblerlan’s boots – whether it be a 760 Steep, a 540 Rise, a 308 Trekker, the 965 Lhasa, or any other of their fine quality Italian Leather boots – are the ones to buy.

Find Zamberlan Boots at We're dedicated to our new "Focus on Service" program and providing the best customer service to each and every person we work with. And as always, ask us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Happy Hiking!

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  1. Question:Does the Zamberlan 308 Trekker have a fully lined calf leather tongue(on the inside of the tongue)???