Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zamberlan - a Deeper Bench

There's more to Zamberlan than today's hot craze the 760 Steep - at CCOutdoorStore.com, we want to take a moment to highlight the 996 Vioz and remind you of the classic backpacking boot that helped bring Zamberlan to where it is today.

First, an update on the much-discussed 760 Steep:
Backpacker Magazine's amazing review and cover photo of the Zamberlan 760 Steep has helped to make that boot and overnight sensation. Indeed it seems even Zamberlan itself was caught off guard and is having trouble getting enough inventory in the United States. At CCOutdoorStore.com, we are continually working with Zamberlan to get inventory of the 760 Steeps and are taking pre-buy orders when inventory is not immediately available. Unfortunately, a women's version of the 760 Steep is currently unavailable.

Many customers - including many women hikers - who started out looking at the Steep are also eyeing the 540 Rise. The 540 Rise is - in a nutshell - a lighter 760 Steep. The sole package is exactly the same. It's the upper that shows difference, in the color of course (mostly gray or tan vs. mostly red), but also in that is has a split leather/cordura mix as opposed to the Steep's nubuk leather only. According to the specifications, it's 70 grams lighter (about 2.5 oz) and on long backpacking treks that can make a big difference.

Now, a reminder of the boot that helped Zamberlan get where it is today - the Zamberlan 996 Vioz.
In all the frenzy about the 760 Steep and 540 Rise, we'd like to take a moment to recognize the company's 996 Vioz mens bacakpacking boots and 996 Vioz womens backpacking boots. These classic backpacking boots have been bringing customers comfort and satisfaction on the trail for years. This is one of those backpacking boots that will never go out of style.

The materials used in the Vioz GT, and the overall quality of construction, are of exceptional quality. The uppers have only two seams -- one at the heel, and one around the tongue gusset. So in addition to the Goretex lining, the absence of seams on the Vioz give these boots excellent water resistance. The Vibram sole is stiff enough to provide protection for your feet on rough and rocky trails. It also provides excellent traction in most conditions - including bare and wet rock and granite - and the aggressively angled heel unit allows for a rock-solid grip on descents or loose gravel conditions. The curved position of the sole - with an upward arc at the ball of the foot - makes for miles of walking comfort and can feel like it's actually propelling you forward with each step. (but don't worry, you're still doing a lot of the work!)

The 996 Vioz has all the features to support a strenuous backpacking trip with heavy loads, but it's also just a really nice looking boot that will do your feet good on a day hike and at the local gathering place after the adventure.
For many, the Zamberlan 996 Vioz is the most comfortable hiking boot they have ever worn... and that just might be the best reason of all to get your hands on a pair.

The 996 Vioz is available at CCOutdoorStore.com. We've got free shipping and an instant 10% discount for Facebook fans, so there's really no excuse... VISIT US TODAY!

Happy trails!

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  1. I purchased the women's Vioz for a 90 mile backpacking trip on the LT. I wore them for one 7 mile hike prior. What an amazing improvement over my Asolo Stynger's. No blisters, and no lost toenails. Well worth the extra $50. By far the best backpacking boot I have ever worn! Offers up a lot of extra cushion and protection for the sole of your foot without any extra weight. I didn't find these boots heavy even though they are a full leather boot. Did I mention lot's of toe room? My husband purchased the men's Vioz and love's them as well.