Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get a lift out of MSR Snowshoes' Televator

The MSR Televator heel lift is actually a little bar that you easily pull up (with gloves on!) and it locks in place under your heel. MSR snowshoes' Televator heel lift can be found on the Lightning Ascent and Axis models as well as the Evo Ascent and Tour models. As you climb, your foot has to drop only back onto this lift rather than all the way back down to the snowshoe itself. The benefit? The Televators reduce fatigue while improving traction and grip. Now your crampons are hitting the snow from above rather than at an angle. This allows us to stay out longer on our adventures and reduces frustration of the one step forward, two steps back ascent.

Not only does the MSR Televator lift your heel, it also lifts your energy and lifts your spirits. Go on, enjoy the lift!

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