Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hat's Off!

Here's a tip of the hat to all the hard working delivery drivers and distribution folks who've made our deliveries happen this holiday season for The last week has brought several stories of blazing fast service where orders are arriving even faster than usual. I shipped my mom's gifts...yes, from our store...yesterday around 6 pm and her presents arrived this morning around 10. So what would have been a five hour drive for me if I took the gifts in person took Fed Ex Ground all of 16 hours!

Also kudos go out to our great customer service team who ably managed a busy holiday season with lots of proactive package tracking and few hiccups. While we're still working on better shipping options for our website, we can tell you if we can get your order to you the next day with a simple phone call: 802-244-4000.

So if you get the chance, show your gratitude to your delivery driver, postman, or postwoman. And while you're at it we'd appreciate any praise for our own hard working customer service group if you'd be willing to write a review.

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