Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Kahtoola Microspikes – Your Ash Will Thank You!

So, this all started back in early November when my husband and I were able to have a weekend away from our young children. Well, of course, we had to go hiking! We headed out Northbound on Vermont’s wonderful Long Trail from the Appalachian Gap. The hike was beautiful and so much fun to just hang out together. I digress. We were having a very mild November after some October snow and cooler temps. The trail was wet and snowy in spots. In the hollows, ice covered the trail and much of our descents were us slipping down icy pathways only to slide into a snow bank. Heading up these icy spots led to us relying heavily on our Leki hiking poles as well as a few random trees and branches. As I was sliding around, I thought, “Geez…I need to get some microspikes.”

I will pause the story here to say that Kahtoola microspikes are light and easy spikes to use. Very handy in the case above where you could just have them in your pack in case you needed them and quickly (but securely) put them over your boots. The toe of these spikes, come up and over your toe so no need to worry about these spikes slipping off your boots. The spikes themselves are situated under your foot in way that eliminates any worry of slipping. The Kahtoola microspikes are the security you need to face ice on the trail or summit (or even your driveway!).

This particular day had me shoveling my driveway. As I shoveled, I fell...and fell…and fell. My last fall of the day was me attempting to bring ash from our woodstove out to our driveway to keep my husband’s car from sliding. Well, being very careful, I fell once again – and this time with a bucket of ashes in my hand. Needless to say, when I got back up, I was sore and I was covered in ash.

So, geez… I got some microspikes! -Amy

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