Sunday, February 20, 2011

The New Essentials in Lightweight Backpacking Gear

Looking for new lightweight backpacking gear? Whether you're retiring a worn out piece of essential gear for next season's thru-hike or looking for the hottest new gadget to get you out of a pinch, it is our hope that this blog will be the place you learn about it first. While last month's trade shows kept us away from our blog, they introduced us to lots of great, new gear coming out this spring. Count on us to pick up the tempo of the blog to share news of the latest backpacking gear. CHECK OUT our the New Arrivals section of our home page as we call out new brands and products.

You might have seen in a recent post that we're hot on the Treksta Evolution running shoe. Yes, it's mostly about the "fit"--created by a last designed by measuring the curves and contours of 20,000 different feet. But it also uses a new, patented feature called IceLock that dramatically increases traction by embedding particles of glass into rubber pads or lugs on the outsole. The IceLock breaks the surface tension when the rubber hits ice or water. Every time I've bumped into a runner friend in the past week, they've pitched me on a different gadget you attach to your shoes for traction, I say why not try a running shoe that provides more traction.

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