Friday, April 1, 2011

Deuter’s Kid Comfort – Comfort for the Child and for the Adult

As our sale on child carriers continues, I have to take a moment to highlight the Kid Comfort series by Deuter. If you have not heard of Deuter (d-oy-ter), they are a European outdoor gear company out of Germany. They have been making packs and gear for over 100 years all while keeping the environment and preservation in mind!

Back to the Kid Comfort carriers... there are three models – the I, II, and III. These models range in volume for storage along your trek. All models are appropriate for children from about 6 months of age (when they can sit up and keep their head up – always check with your pediatrician for appropriate age and weights) through about 48 lbs. Both the Kid Comfort II and Kid Comfort III have adjustable shoulder harnesses which makes switching from one user to another a breeze. Speaking of breezes, the Kid Comfort I has the Aircomfort back system while the Kid Comfort II and III have the Aircontact back system. Both systems allow air movement through the user’s back keeping them cooler.

Now, Deuter’s safety standards are excellent! They conform to the European TUV standards, which focuses on safety and comfort of both the child and the adult. The Kid Comfort series have adjustable 5-point harness systems as well as a frame padding for comfort (the padding is especially helpful on a bumpy trail or when your little one falls asleep). New this year is a locking kickstand that allows the adult to know that the kickstand is in place and will not move while loading and unloading their precious cargo.

I have worn the Kid Comfort II and find it outstanding for comfort! As your child looks around while riding comfortably, the Kid Comfort keeps the load near your body, which allows for more stability and comfort. There is no better way to get your children into the outdoors then starting them early in such a comfy and safe carrier. What my kids really love about the Kid Comfort II and III is that they come with a cute little teddy bear as well!

So, rely on Deuter’s design, safety, and coziness to get your child outdoors while getting you out there too! Neither of you will regret it and you are teaching lifelong, healthy habits while spending time together. You gotta love that!

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