Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Word About Leki Hiking Poles

I started using Leki hiking poles about 17 years ago to help ease the strain on my knees from long hikes with lots of elevation. I found them especially useful for lessening the impact on the downhill side of things. Those poles still see some use, despite having fallen on them a number of times while backcountry skiing. My use of trekking poles until very recently was pretty sporadic but I've taken them hiking with me 3 times a week for a last month or so. Today's new poles like the Leki Corklite Aergon Speedlock Antishock Poles have so much to offer!

* The new Speedlock feature allows quick length adjustments on the just a few seconds you can bring it down to size for going uphill, or lengthen it for going down.
* Anti-shock technology reduce impacts so the poles are even easier on the joints.
* New materials and manufacturing processes make today's Leki Poles even lighter and stronger.

And makes it even easier for you to find out for yourself! Now through April 25th, get 20% off your purchase while supplies last. For help choosing the Leki poles that are right for you check out our Leki Help Page.

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