Friday, August 12, 2011

Jetboil: No bigger than a wine bottle!

Despite often grueling weekend backpacking trips, my wife always insists on bringing along a bottle of wine. Our Jetboil Flash helps compensate for this extravagance. We've been knocking off too many small fuel canisters lately which are great because they pack inside the Jetboil companion cup that comes with the Flash stove. If we were in the market today for a new stove we'd go with the more compact Jetboil Sol which is 4.5 oz lighter (only 10.5 oz) and could go even lighter still (8.5 oz.) if you don't mind springing for the Sol Titanium! The Sol boils the 2 cups of water needed for a 2 person backpacking meal in a mere 2 minutes and 15 seconds and maintains consistent fuel pressure up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit so we could heat up dinner for the whole family in a manner of minutes even if we were winter camping!

If the winter thing is never going to happen and you can afford to wait an extra 15 seconds for your hot water, then a more cost effective option is the Jetboil Zip for $69.

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