Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lowa Boots Rock

Yep. We're partial to Lowa Boots; and they're on SALE at up to 17% OFF now through 8/25/11.

Nothing beats the quality and craftmanship put out by this German bootmaker. Bootmaking is in the blood of Lowa's workers. Lowa boots are manufactured under strict EU environmental standards that put the rest of the world to shame. While comfortable old models like the Lady GTX's pictured above and the Banff Pro were among our all time favorite boots before being discontinued, we can't say enough positive things about Lowa's new leather lined boots: the Lowa Renegade LL and the Lowa Baltoro. Leather linings are so comfortable...they mold to your feet like a worn in glove. An old mountaineer once advised us that in 30 years, his well conditioned leather mountaineering boots had never let his feet get wet. "Better than plastic" he swore.

Buy high quality leather hiking boots, treat them properly and your feet will love you!

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