Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mike Ehredt Project America Run II: An Amazingly Demanding and Poignant Journey

You know the old saying "To walk a mile in their shoes,"? Mike Ehredt, of Hope, ID, is taking that to a whole new level, in an epic salute to the US soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan, that is as humbling as it is gallant.

On August 23rd Ehredt will begin a 2,100 mile solo run, stopping at every mile marker along the way to place and salute a US flag with a yellow ribbon bearing the name, age, rank and hometown of every soldier that we have lost in Afghanistan. While pushing a jogging stroller laden with flags, Ehredt will run a marathon a day for 11 weeks, culminating to his arrival to the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, TX, on November 11th- Veterans Day.


Ehredt, 51, is an Army Veteran and retired postal worker, and this isn't the first remarkable journey. In 2010 he ran 4,514 miles dedicated to the service members who died in Iraq. From the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, OR, to the Atlantic in Rockland, ME, Ehredt left a trail of personalized commemorative flags. He averaged over 28 miles a day for the 159 day journey.

Can you even imagine doing that?????

To follow the journey visit . And by the way Mike is sponsored by Vasque and rocks the Vasque Mindbenders for every mile.

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