Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goat Man: And I thought I was Outdoorsy....

I like to think of myself as an "outdoorsy" person; in fact, all of us at are passionate about the outdoors. But I'm not quite convinced that any of us are as exuberantly enthusiastic, or crazed, about our outdoor pastime as the newly famous and colloquially titled: Goat Man.

'Goat man' spotted in mountains of Utah
This photo, taken on July 15th by a hiker approximately 40 miles outside Salt Lake City along Ben Lomond  Peak, has gone completely viral. Apparently the hiker was observing a herd of Mountain Goats from across the ridge when he noticed that one was unusually clumsy and lagging behind. Upon further observation the hiker noticed the obvious- that aint no goat. He posted the photos on an online photo sharing website, and before long most news companies had a story published covering this confusing mountainside creature.

After a week and a half or head-scratching and shoulder-shrugging, Phil Douglas of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources had the whole story explained to him. It turns out that the Goat Man happens to be a 57 year old California hunter who was trying out his goat suit in preparation for upcoming hunt in Canada. The hunter decided to call in and explain due to the widespread popularity his story received, while remaining anonymous to maintain his personal safety. He never broke any laws, but everyone can agree that this bizarre display of dedication could have gotten him seriously injured- by goats or hunters. This was a baaaaaaaaad idea and goat figure somebody got it on film.

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