Friday, July 13, 2012

Kelty Lumapivot: Modern Day's Lantern

Kelty Lumapivot Lantern

Remember the dark days before headlamps and flashlights? The night belonged to a historic and forgotten about item that rarely gets used today- the lantern. Cumbersome and capricious, it took dad's aplomb to maneuver a lit match through a narrow gate to get things going. Well, check out the 2012 reincarnation of the lantern: the Kelty Lumapivot High Performance LED Lantern.
This extremely innovative design features 30 5mm LED lights split up on two unrestricted pivoting and rotating panels. Far from a faint flicker, the Kelty Lumapivot shines a glowing light of 110 lumens on high and 60 lumens on low. And compared to the big hunk of metal that is an old school lantern, the Lumapivot's 15.9oz dainty body is featherweight. Constructed of durable weatherproof abs plastics, scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses and an anodized aluminum frame, this Kelty innovation will endure and last to light as long as you nourish it with 6AA batteries. Available online anytime at (and if you want to save 20%, click "Become a member" on our homepage!).

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