Friday, July 20, 2012

Vermont's First Rock Climbing Guidebook!!

There are scarcely any feelings alike to the overwhelming rush and reward that is experienced when rock climbing. Vermont is a well regarded state for ice climbing, but for the majority rock climbing is unfound. Mostly because the convenience is lacking, but author Travis Peckham, 41 of Underhill Center, is making his bid to acquaint us to the crags of Vermont with his upcoming release "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont."

Peckham outlines around two dozen destinations in his book- some spots well-known to locals, with many other coveted gems formerly confidential, in hopes that fresh climbers could incite further development. Areas spanning from Prospect Rock in Johnson to Deer Leap outside of Killingon are covered, as well as locations in Groton State Park and Smuggler's Notch. Peckham's contribution to the climbing realm marks the first Vermont rock climbing guidebook, a great way to tap into our state's potential for verticality.

Vermont, once referred to by a New England guidebook as a "wasteland" between the Adirondacks and the Whites, offers a different kind of climbing. The domes and faces are present, it's the little bit of extra navigation, time and effort put into getting to them that may have possibly deterred others in the past. In my opinion, that adds to the challenge, makes them much more special, and inspires a deeper appreciation.

Not only does the author assure readers his book features some of the best lines and routes in New England, but some of the best this 20-year climbing veteran has ever laid eyes on. Hitting shelves at the end of this month, check out "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont," by Travis Peckham. 

Local rock climbing guidebook author Travis Peckham clips a bolt on the sport route 'Doggfather' at the 82 Crag at Bolton.
Travis Peckham, author of "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont," in Bolton

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