Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Momentum Vortech GMT - Right on Time

Our Momentum watch collection just went on sale for the holiday--Thanksgiving that is.  Save 10% through 11/22 on our complete selection including the new Momentum Vortech GMT. 

The Momentum Vortech GMT ($295)  features all the quality and value of a Swiss designer sports watch at a fraction of the cost.  Designed with traveling adventurers in mind the yellow "GMT" hand allows you to track a second time zone.  And with a new Swiss made alarm, Momentum finally offers a rugged watch with a loud alarm--thanks to a new ceramic resonator.  Momentum fans may note that the Vortech looks a lot like the classic Momentum Pathfinder watch only larger and sportier, and with an alarm that's sure to wake you up. 

Outside Magazine readers may recognize the Momentum Vortech as it was picked by reviewer Will Palmer as one of six "Best Watches of 2013" in the Outside Buyer's Guide out last month.   Stock is good at the moment here and at Momentum, but we won't be surprised if supplies run out before Christmas so don't spend too much time thinking before you buy. 

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