Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Outside Magazine Winter Buyer's Guide Picks's Products: Jetboil Sumo TI Stove

The Jetboil Sumo TI stove will do you right where other stoves have wronged you; sizable meal preparation for group cooking, snow melting, and cooking with a canister in cold temperatures prove to be no problemo for the Sumo TI. In this Jetboil stove, heavyweight meets lightweight. Let me explain the name. Sumo is for its heavyweight stature of a 60oz (1.8L) capacity, and TI is short for titanium, stronger and 45% lighter than steel. In fact, the Sumo TI cooking system weighs in at only 12 ounces!

Although canister-powered stoves have notoriously performed less than optimally in cold temperatures, Outside Magazine attests that the effect was only marginal. Whether you are cooking for a group, melting snow for drinking water, or desire to make meals larger than what other stoves have limited you to, the Jetboil Sumo TI will be your best friend.

It's no wonder that the Sumo TI is one of the most desired cooking systems by adventurers, and it's no wonder how it found its way onto the Outside Magazine Buyer's Guide for winter camping in 2012-2013; the Sumo TI is powerful, sleek and versatile. 

Jetboil Sumo TI stove: $189

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