Saturday, June 18, 2011

More gear testing reviews

At 2.8 lbs and 2.3 pounds respectively, the Nemo Obi 1P Ultra lite Tent and the long Big Agnes Heart Mountain 30 degree Super Light Sleeping Bag were just what I'd hoped for on my JMT field test wishlist. I spent the first two nights of the trip in this set-up and was quite content in my neon green lair. You can get these for yourself on sale now as we've got NEMO on sale and Big Agnes on sale.

The Nemo Obi tents share smart design with many desirable features. Freestanding with Jake's feet, easy set-up with a single pole, and a large vestibule I had exactly what I thought I needed. However the one thing the Obi tents have in spades is ventilation, which turned out to be unneeded in high winds and low temperatures. I highly recommend the Obi for summer camping especially in warm climates, and especially for ultralight hikers who aren't willing to sacrifice every comfort to save those last few ounces.

The Big Agnes Heart Mountain 30 degree super light sleeping bag was unbelievably packable. Ultralight and ultra cozy, the Heart Mountain offered the generous width and girth that my 200 lb body needs. Frankly I just get too claustrophic in mummy bags. Unless you're willing to lie straight and still like a dead mummy all night I suggest you check out the varied shapes and sizes of Big Agnes Sleeping Bags. The Heart Mountain ultra light sleeping bag also perfectly fit my regular size Thermarest NeoAir sleeping pad. Snugly synching up with the down edges of the Big Agnes sleep system I was in down heaven. That is until temps dropped into the single much for saving a few ounces by going with a 30 degree bag in JUNE! Lesson learned: It's always safer to have more warmth than you think you'll need in the mountains. Another lesson learned: Neon colored tents can be life savers when you're seeking out shelter from a storm and can't find the trail back to camp.

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