Friday, June 24, 2011

Thermarest & MSR: Proud American Brands

Thermarest mattresses, MSR stoves and almost all of MSR's production remains in the U.S. of A. as we were reminded in our product clinic on Wednesday. With July 4th fast approaching and patriotism in the air it makes sense to highlight and promote those companies who are working extra hard to keep jobs in their communities and maintain high standards of quality. Hats off to you! We also appreciate that American-made products are not impacted by the same backorders and long lead times that have become a bigger problem in our industry lately.

Thermarest and Mountain Safety Research are both owned by parent company Cascade Designs in Seattle, WA. Like, these are family-owned brands and operations--albeit ours is much smaller! Both Thermarest and MSR are on sale at 20% through Tuesday, June 28th. For those of you on the East Coast hurry in your orders and we should be able to rush you your order before the holiday. West Coasters must contact us directly to provide expedited shipping info.

Note: MSR tent poles are manufactured domestically, but MSR tents are sewn overseas like almost every other tent.

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