Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas, CC Outdoor Store sent to me..


That's right there are only 12 more days you could possibly order from us to get your presents before Christmas. To make things easier we're offering FREE Standard shipping this week so you'll have plenty of time to receive your order before the holidays. On this first of 12 days we're offering something you won't want to be paying Express shipping rates on...Snowshoes.

To make your winter wonderful, we've put Crescent Moon Snowshoes and Redfeather Snowshoes on sale for the next five days. Plenty of time for us to get them for your snow filled holiday vacation...or to be ready to enjoy the next storm. Both companies make their snowshoes here in the US so you can expect great quality and great service; something we no longer expect from iconic snowshoe brands that have outsourced to cheaper unskilled Asian labor. We know and love snowshoes here, so don't hesitate to call our customer service number for expert advice from Vermont!

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