Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get Down...Get Down.

On the floor baby. That's right. The holidays are a time to break out the sleeping pads and camping mattresses. With all the new comfy air mattresses out their I've found that I'm more comfortable on the floor than the spare beds at our extended families' homes.

When I'm traveling light I go with my Thermarest NeoAir (pictured above). Smaller than a Nalgene bottle and less than a pound you can take this with you anywhere. But frankly when space isn't an issue Nemo's Cosmo Air Pad with Pillowtop Sleep System just can't be beat. It's an horizontal air pad like the NeoAir, but with an inch of foam on top and a washable microfiber cover. You get the even get a built-it foot pump to make set-up a snap. While it costs as much as a cheap mattress, it's the perfect guest bed that is easy to store and is great for camping.

But if you're really looking for luxury--or trying to convince your spouse/partner that camping is not so bad--then a full size Kelty air mattress is the way to go. Other than having to get up and down on the ground, you really don't sacrifice much over a real bed. Now's the time to get yourself set-up for a good night sleep...on the floor.

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