Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ready for the Storm

Anyone involved in alpine pursuits needs to be prepared to weather a storm. A bivy offers just the sort of lightweight shelter that can make a trip a success and even save a life. With more and more people getting out into the backcountry we've seen more and more new bivys and tents catering to mountain adventurers. This year we've seen a lot of interest in two bivys in particular: the Integral Design Wedge Bivy and the RAB summit mountain bivy.
The Integral Designs Wedge Bivy is a radical low profile structure maximizing the benefits of high quality waterproof-breathable EVENT fabric. Designed for one--but roomy enough for two in an emergency--the Wedge Bivy offers bombproof shelter in a tiny package.

A little roomier, but just as bombproof is RAB's summit mountain bivy tent. The Summit Mountain bivy may be unique in that it has 2 sealed ‘donut link’ tie in points, located at top and side; perfect for climbers who need to stay clipped in to a harness overnight. You simply won't find a better single-walled alpine mountaineering set up.

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