Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Jetboil Update

Last year a Jetboil Stove graced the cover of the Backpacker Gear Guide and Jetboil received a nice review of their Sumo Cookpot.  This year Jetboil--without all the fanfare--combined the 1.8L Sumo pot with the all-weather Jetboil Sol burner to form the Jetboil Sumo Group Cooking System Camp Stove (what a mouthful).  I haven't tried out the Sumo Stove set-up yet but I'm guessing it will edge out the Jetboil Flash for those who usually share their camp stove.  And the Sumo will definitely have an edge over the Helios Group Cooking System for  its cold weather performance.   But as a fan of the Helios, its wide base and low center of gravity I have to wonder if the Sumo is going to feel too tippy to relax while cooking on uneven surfaces.  Shouldn't be too long before I find out; we'll get our first shipment within the next few weeks. 

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