Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sierra Designs Tents & Sleeping Bags

2012 Sierra Designs Tents & Sierra Designs sleeping bags embody the change we expect as the seasons change and our days get longer.  With the lengthening day comes the ability to travel longer, and Sierra Designs new lightweight Mojo Tents and Cloud sleeping bags will help you.  Both caught our attention at trade shows last summer, and the editors at Backpacker Magazine have taken notice.  Use of cutting edge new materials and technologies give you better performance and lighter weights.  You'll have to wait or hit the newstand to read what Backpacker's editors have written, or you can visit our website and follow our blog.  I expect you'll be hearing more in online forums and in social media as Spring 2012 moves on.  While the Sierra Designs brand itself has seen a lot of change of late, I think their Spring 2012 products reveal their long standing commitment to innovation and excellence

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