Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No sign yet of the 2012 Backpacker Editor's Choice Awards on their website...I guess they want you to buy the Gear Guide at your local newstand or better yet get a subscription.  If you've followed our blog--and store--you know we like to feature the Backpacker testers picks.  Who else has such a cool job as being handed hot new products and then spending all that time in the outdoors putting them through their paces.  Check out Backpackers' 2012 Gear Guide Sweepstakes where they raffle off some of their used test product

Alas this year's picks feature a mix of proprietary product and lesser known brands or niche products.  So we've got our homework cut out for us trying to open up new channels for bringing in these cool items.  In the meantime we'll have some fun with some of the other products they reviewed that we've been able to put our hands on and have come to know and love.  

One of our favorites is the Selk Bag sleeping bag with arms and legs.  Maybe you've seen one of their ads... the walking sleeping bag in beautiful outdoor settings.  In my opinion there is no more comfortable way to sleep; albeit I like to sprawl out when I sleep.  It's bulky and no lightweight so its more of a campground novelty than a must-have for your next backpacking trip, but hey why not give it a try or give it as a gift.  In the interest of full disclosure, although I've been known to travel with 3.5 lbs of lux sleeping pad I've never backpacked with my Selk Bag.  In fact I've gotten more use of it as a Halloween costume, but it has been well used and worth every penny.

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