Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Backpacker's Editor's Choice Awards 2013

The Backpacker Gear Guide is like a Bible to us so we like to call attention to it on our homepage and our blog.  As much as we like to hike and test gear ourselves, we simply don't have the cadre of devoted gear testers...or the resources to put so much gear to the test in so many diverse locations.  For many of Backpacker's reviewers this is not only their passion, but their vocation.  Most spend 80 nights a year or more in the backcountry.  So when these folks gather to review their experiences with the new gear and feedback--and then award the Backpacker Editor's Choice Awards to the best of the best--we listen.  At the moment we've got 7 of the 15 pieces of gear either in the store or on its way and we're hoping to bring in more.  So visit online or in-person and find out more about these Backpacker award-winning tents, boots, sleeping bags and headlamps. 

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