Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nemo - Best in the Backcountry

Nemo Equipment is on a roll.  With three Backpacker Editor's Choice Awards in the past four years, we give them a lot of credit for innovations that continue to raise the bar in the outdoor industry.  This year's Backpacker Gear Guide showcased the Nemo Nocturne 15 and Nocturne 30 Spoon Sleeping Bags.  "The best night of sleep I've ever had in the backcountry," raved Backpacker's deputy editor.  Two major innovations--not just one--make Nemo's new sleeping bags "pioneering".  The obvious introduction of the "spoon" shape led Backpacker's gear editor to observe, "The ability to roll over and slide my legs up inside the bag gave me unfettered, home-like comfort".  And the use of 700-fill "Down Tek" means that this down bag performs more like a synthetic bag when wet than a traditional down bag.  "Down Tek" is one of several new down treatments of the last year that "resist moisture" and will completely change the way we look at down insulation in the outdoors.  We're excited about the entire new line of Nemo sleeping bags. 

But Nemo's reputation for making great products began in 2002 with "air-supported" tents like the Morpho 2P.  Out-of-the-box thinking led to pole-less tents supported by columns of air.  Several award winning tents later, Nemo developed the Meta 2P trekking pole tent that arrived with much fanfare in the ultra-light backpacking world.  Although arriving on the scene without the same buzz, Nemo's Obi tents deserve a serious look from any backpacker considering buying a new tent.  Now available in a three person version--the Obi 3P tent--and an "elite" series of trimmed down tents, nothing beats an Obi for ease of use and liveability.  And nothing beats the deals you'll find right now if you buy during our Nemo tent sale

First known for its rugged, light, and smart tent designs, Nemo expanded into the world of lightweight backcountry sleeping pads two years ago with the Nemo Astro Air pad that made a splash winning an Editor's Choice award two years ago for it's comfort, weight, and value. Combine all three--bag, tent, and pad--and go for your best night in the backcountry. 

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