Friday, March 15, 2013

Big Agnes Tents: The Backpacker's Choice

Why does Big Agnes win so many Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice Awards?  Outstanding design, cutting-edge materials, and innovation that meets the needs of backpackers and campers.  This year's Big Agnes Scout UL2 proves it, setting a new standard for space to weight ratios.  It's unique single wall, trekking pole design offers a roomy interior with lots of head room at a trail weight of 2 lbs.   While you can't stand straight up, most people can at least stand enough to pull on their pants.  And the Big Agnes Scout tent costs only $279 to boot. 

While the Scout UL2 is still only available in limited quantities and thus is not part of our Spring Big Agnes Tent and Sleeping Bag Sale other past Big Agnes Backpacker Editor's Choice winners are on sale!  The Copper Spur UL4 won the award two years ago as well as Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year Award.  Good luck finding a better four person tent on the market!  And the Fly Creek UL2 tent won the 2010 Backpacker Editor's Choice and still remains the go-to thru-hiker tent for those who don't want to hunker down in a bivy or a bivy-like one-person tent. 

Really all the Fly Creek and Copper Spur tents are excellent choices for backpackers. The Fly Creeks are for those willing to sacrifice more on space than weight, while the Copper Spur tents offer excellent weight savings for those expecting a little more than "just enough" room when out in the backcountry.  Go with a 2 person or 3 person tent if you want just a little more room for yourself, your partner, and/or a dog.  And go with the Copper Spur series if you like to have room to sit and play cards. 

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