Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Agnes Sleeping Pads For Comfort

        Big Agnes' Sleeping Pads have diversified -- to meet the diverse needs we have as sleepers. Since we've got discounts on Big Agnes gear, on sale through May 18th, here's a rundown on their superb sleeping pads.
Big Agnes Air Core, the classic         
        We all know about the Big Agnes Air Core (right?...). It's the original Big Agnes sleeping pad which got the brand its props way back when. By implementing cozier and lighter materials, Big Agnes is always looking for ways to improve their Air Core; there's also an insulated version.
Big Agnes Q Core SL, the provider
        If you're looking for a step up in comfort and willing to spend a couple more bucks to get it, the Big Agnes Q-Core could be your new favorite sleeping pad. The Q-Core is insulated and has two forms:standard and super-light (SL). At 3.5", these pads are designed with a quilted look and feel which gives remarkable cushion. They also keep you warmer than a non-insulated pad when there's a nip to the air.
Big Agnes Double Z, the new kid on the block
         Simply put, the Big Agnes Double Z Sleeping Pad is a killer value. It also happens to be the 2014 Backpacker Magazine's Editors Choice recipient. Roughly half the price of other comparable sleeping pads, the Double Z won't break the bank either. The only thing it will break is your ongoing streak of sleepless nights spent tossing and turning. The Double Z is lightweight yet a beastly 4" thick.
Big Agnes Stillwater, the sleep station
        2015's new model, the Big Agnes Stillwater Sleeping Pad, is going to give you unparalleled stability. If you feel like movement in your sleep system inhibits your ability to slumber, the Big Agnes Stillwater is going to be the pad for you. It's built on two solidifying side-berms that keep you in place with a rigid yet comfortable central air chamber on which to rest. Light sleepers rejoice, this is a quality pad that allows you to get way more than just 40 winks; you'll get as many as you need.
Big Agnes Green Ridge, the all-around value
         Affordable and high-quality, the Big Agnes Green Ridge Sleeping Pad has just hit the market. When all you hikers and backpackers lay down, the Green Ridge will be there ready to woo. Comprised of lightweight polyurethane, the Green Ridge is perfect for warm weather use and super quick to inflate. It's ergonomic "V" shaped air chambers give a unique feel that will have you dreaming in no time. It's low cost makes this pad a low-risk, high-reward purchase.

         So there you have it! That wasn't so complicated was it? If you're looking to save an ounce here and there, most of these pads come in "mummy" versions too. They can all be found on our site, and they're ALL ON SALE through May 18th. Enjoy!

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