Friday, May 29, 2015

New Sleeping Bags from Nemo Perform for 2015

      Nemo Equipment, whose outdoor gear has won prestigious "Best Inventions" awards from Time and Popular Science Magazines, continues to impress with their new line of innovative sleeping bags.

From water-repelling down to Primaloft, arctic-expeditions to minimalist backpacking, Nemo will definitely change the way you think about sleeping bags. Here's the lowdown on how they perform.

Mezzo Loft 30 and Strato Loft 25
Mezzo Loft
Strato Loft

                       The closest relatives to "your father's" old sleeping bag are the Nemo Mezzo Loft and Strato Loft. Both the Downtek-filled Strato Loft and the synthetic-filled Mezzo Loft feature waterproofing technology, enabling users to stay warm in wet conditions. Furthermore, these bags are closer to bedding than they are sleeping bags. When you slide a pad in the sleeve underneath, put a pillow in the special compartment, and cuddle up with the "blanket fold," you'll think you're sleeping in a luxury bed-set.

Tango Duo 30 2P, Mambo Duo 20 2P
Tango Duo 30 2P
Reverse side of Mambo Duo 2P
I recently blogged about the Nemo Tango Solo 30, 2015's Outside Magazine Gear of the Year selection, but Nemo has more in the way of ultralight sleep systems -- for couples too. The Tango Duo 30 2P and Mambo Duo 20 2P are the best way for couples to cozy up in the backcountry. With a slipcover holding your two pads together, this lofty double-wide sleeping bag system mimics a made bed. Hydrophobic fills in these comforter-styled bags ensure warm nights in unfavorable weather, and the backless design saves on unnecessary weight.

Nemo's CEO and Lead Product Developer, Cam Brensinger, stopped designing spacesuits for NASA's exploration of Mars to design sleeping bags for people like us who love the outdoors. Thanks Cam B-)

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