Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking about Snowshoes....

Well, we got our first snow at my house Friday night. As I got my morning coffee today, I saw the front page of the paper with a local skier enjoying the new snow. This made me think of ….snowshoes, of course!

We have been stocked with great new snowshoes from Red Feather and MSR. Crescent Moon snowshoes are arriving soon too. All three brands are US made and chock full of features that will make your snowshoe experience awesome! Whether you are running in the snow, hiking up a groomed trail, strolling over meandering terrain, or fighting to the summit of an icy peak; these snowshoes will help you lead the way.

Crescent Moon's SPL binding makes it so easy to put on, take off, or tighten your snowshoe with a mitten on. MSR’s televator heel lifter allows the climber to experience less fatigue and more joy with their adventure. On the Red Feather Race snowshoe, you will find an ultra-light binding which cinch down to any running shoe or light hiking boot.

Don’t forget the kids! We have snow shoes perfect for the smaller adventurers from all three brands! Get the little ones outside and hitting the snow. They will thank you for it (eventually).

Any snowshoe that I have seen here has what I need: strong binding, light weight, flexible sizing, and great crampon grip for climbing up that peak.

And to the skier on the front page this morning along with all of you downhill enthusiasts….what goes down, must first climb up!

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