Monday, October 4, 2010

While some glorious fall days are expected this week, no doubt they'll quickly become much fewer and far between. With the changing weather we're reminded that now is a great time to check that you've got sturdy footwear, rainwear, and even a mechanical advantage for the trails.

There's nothing better than a Goretex lined boot at this time of year. Not only will it keep your feet dry, but it adds a little insulation that will probably keep your feet warmer than you want them to be in the heat of summer. That's why we're featuring Vasque's Sundowner GTX this month. This traditional boot has been around so long because is comfortable enough to wear around town yet sturdy enough to wear with a heavy pack on your back.

For rainwear we're fond of the lightweight variety that can protect you in a downpour...but also breathes enough to be comfortable when all you need is a little extra warmth. GoLite Badlands Trinity 3 layer jacket for men (and women!) will do just that.

Finally a pair of good hiking poles like the Komperdell Highlander Cork Anti-Shock trekking poles offer one of the few advantages you can gain on the trail. Poles can work wonders at lightening your load. Whether you want better balance with a heavy backpack...or just want to relieve pounding absorbed by your knees and lower back we highly recommend you look into poles for yourself.

Happy Trails!

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