Monday, November 1, 2010

Gregory Baltoro 70 wins again!

Yes, the Gregory Baltoro 70 (and Women's Deva 60) are great backpacks. We've known this since they came out. And indeed these were Backpacker Editor's Choice winners in 2008. But now they've given it even higher accolades: Backpacker Editor's Choice Hall of Fame in this November's issue of Backpacker. Here's what they had to say:

Of the 28 packs that have earned the highest award over the past 13 years, Gregory's Baltoro 70 (and women's Deva 60) from 2008 reigns as one of our all-time favorites. The packbag is near perfect (with just the right balance between features and lightweight simplicity), but it's the "miracle suspension system--with its auto-canting hipbelt and shoulder straps--that makes even a 50-pound load feel manageable. says one tester. $290; 5 lbs. 9 oz." Backpacker, 11.2010, pg. 72

If you've been looking for a 60-80 liter backpack (good for long weekends, weeklong outings, even through hikes) now you can win too! . They're on sale now for 20% off at

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