Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleep Away the Night in a Selk’Bag

Ever seen a Selk’Bag sleep system? All the comfort and coziness of a traditional sleeping bag, but with the added ability to sleep in different positions, lounge around, and even walk. The best part of all this--besides a comfortable and restful night at camp--is that you can get up to make your coffee without having to get out of your sleeping bag! Talk about being the envy of your campsite.

Here's what one camper said about the Selk’Bag, “I find that I move a lot when sleeping and with traditional sleeping bags I often find that I am restricted and cannot get the freedom I need, I found with the Selk that this was not a problem as the bag allowed full movement and kept me snug and warm all night.”

There's also a Selk Bag for kids! I know two children who love their Selk’Bags and think that they are the coolest thing under the sun. No more getting up in the middle of the night to wrap your little one back up in their sleeping bag since they kicked it off and are now in a ball shivering in their sleep. They will enjoy a restful and warm night’s sleep as well. In the morning, they can just get up and have their oatmeal while staying all toasty and warm.

The Selk’Bag has zip up hands, a drawstring hood, baffle construction and draft tubes. They are constructed in Chile and are named after an indigenous Chilean tribe and their own innovative cold weather garb. This sleep system packs up like any other sleeping bag and comes in three adult and two kid sizes.

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