Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey Ladies – Crescent Moon Gold 13 Has Got It Right!

That’s right! The Crescent Moon Gold 13 Women’s snowshoes are a combination of smart design, high tech specs, and ease of use. The Crescent Moon Gold 13s have a superior SPL binding system that is simply superb. These adjustable bindings have been recognized in Backpacker’s Winter Gear Guide (09/10) as the best binding on the market. The single-pull loop (SPL) has been designed to provide equal tension in all directions to create the ultimate support and responsiveness available anywhere. The Crescent Mood Gold 13’s design allows the snowshoe to follow the natural motion of your foot. When your heel lifts, the tail of this snowshoe follows. The SPL binding both adjusts and releases with a single tug and pinch – your mitten can be left on! Here is what one woman said about her experience with the Crescent Mood Gold 13 snowshoes: “These snowshoes are excellent! Very easy to put on and take off, lightweight and walking is as easy as without them….I had the opportunity to demo them at an avalanche training and while so many struggled with frustrating loose bindings....mine didn't budge once, all day long.”

Another reason to love these snowshoes is their women’s specific design that accommodates the stride of woman. No more having to adjust your stride to fit your snowshoe! The Gold 13 features a frame which has been bent with a very steep nose and tapered tail to allow the shoes to pass by each other and with each step, the snowshoes will clear away from one another.

All of this and the Crescent Moon Gold 13 is PVC free while being manufactured in a plant that uses wind power and recycles left over materials. Well, you can’t beat that!

Whether this will be a gift to yourself or from another (holidays are approaching!), get in a pair of Gold 13 by Crescent Moon and enjoy the snow the way it was meant to be …. pure and peaceful with your heels kicked up!

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