Monday, November 8, 2010

Let a Black Diamond Wiz or Petzl Tikkina light up your holidays!

Wondering what to get a young, budding outdoor enthusiast? Try either the Black Diamond Wiz or the Petzl Tikkina headlamp. Both styles of headlamps will be perfect for the outdoors or bedtime reading. The push button on and off allow for easy use and prevents accidental use in when packed up.

The Petzl Tikkina comes in four colors with two LED bulbs for a 23 lumen shine. The light beam can be aimed and is very appropriate for hiking after dark, flashlight tag, or bedtime in a tent! This headlamp is not only a great choice for kids, but adults as well. I am not apt to do a whole lot of flashlight tag, but with the Tikkina’s two lighting modes and the ability to aim the light, this is a great camp or late night snowshoe headlamp. Here is what one adventurer had to say about the Tikkina, “Two bright blue LED's and weather resistance makes this headlamp a perfect choice for the budget minded.... I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality headlamp.”

Now, my two children will tell you that if you were to get someone a headlamp then you should choose the Black Diamond Wiz – like theirs! This headlamp is a great choice for kids. There are two color/designs to choose from and has a very easy on/off button. I like that the 16 lumen light does not leave me seeing spots if my kids look at me with it turned on. The Wiz even has a strobe feature, which is great fun! My two frequently use their headlamps for reading after “lights out” in our house. When we camp, they love to have their own light to explore the woods and to light up the tent when Mama and Papa haven’t come in yet. My daughter, who is five, says this of her Wiz, “I like going camping with it because it is good for the dark.” My three year old son says that he, “…likes putting it on his head and letting it shine.” There you have it from extreme mountain experts! Oh, also no need to worry about running the batteries out either since the Black Diamond Wiz will automatically turn off after one hour.

Both headlamp styles are a great value and are long lasting. Batteries are included and last for a very long time with the energy efficient LED bulbs. We look forward to trekking together as a family in the evening and these headlamps definitely light the way. So, as we enter the season of darkness, enjoy some light in your holidays with either the Black Diamond Wiz or Petzl Tikkina headlamp. Your kids will thank you for it!

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