Monday, September 3, 2012

Gregory Palisade: A Hardcore Voluminous Backpack

Since establishment in the 1970's Gregory has been a chief backpacking backpack company. Offering packs in a wide range of sizes and styles, Gregory has packs to suit the needs of all adventurers. Their high-volume packs are as dependable as they are capacious and, by golly, Gregory packs are 20% off through 9/15.

Check out the Gregory Palisade 80, a heavy duty favorite of trekkers and travelers.

With a new and improved suspension system, the 2012 Gregory Palisade 80 allows you to take all the necessities demanded by adventures, while providing optimum comfort and avoiding stress and injury. The Palisade 80 features all-angle access, with numerous chambers and commodity compartments. Weather resistant zippers and a nature-proof bottom compliment the vast interior, and an adjustable harness and cinching straps allow the Gregory Palisade 80 to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. If you need a high volume pack that is pleasant on your back, the Palisade 80 is a must have.

Call (855-244-GEAR), click ( or come by our retail store in Waterbury, VT save about $75 on this ultimate backpacking backpack through 9/15.

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